Selasa, 30 November 1999 - :

1. Library users open Website:


2. By clicking on the OPAC link the User will be redirected to the OPAC Trisakti Library page.


3. To be able to get full access to OPAC, users must register by clicking the Register link on the website.


4. After the registration is successful the user will get a verification email containing the username and password.


5. Users can log in using the Username and Password from the previous Verification Email.



6. When the user logs in successfully, the user will go directly to the profile page with details of the activation status, borrowing books and the user is recommended to change the password by clicking the Settings link.


7. On the OPAC Home page users can use advanced search to get specific book search results.


8. In the search results will appear a list of books related keywords in search.


9. When the user clicks the book title link in the catalog that appears according to the search for keywords the book details will appear.

By clicking on the Fulltext link the user can view the contents or list the contents of the book

while for the Student Final Project (Final Project, Thesis, Thesis, etc.), Contains full text Chapter 1 - Chapter 5 which can be accessed directly through the website.



10. To borrow books, users can fill out the loan forms available in the library room

then the librarian prepares the intended book to be processed through the library circulation system.

The number of books a library user can borrow is at most two books while the maximum loan duration of seven days can be extended twice.


11. Returns of books past the loan deadline will incur a fee of Rp. 2000, - per day by filling out forms in the library

then pay a fine in the financial section by attaching proof of paymen

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