Final Project Soft Copy Collection Format

Selasa, 30 November 1999 - :



To students who will submit PKL Reports, Final Papers, Final Projects, Thesis and Thesis, Please note the following Conditions. :

1.      PKL Report, Final Paper, Final Project, Thesis and Thesis, submitted in the form of Hardcover and Soft Copy on CD.

2.      Soft Copy must be in the form of .PDF and .Jpeg

3.      Soft Copy is divided into several files. :

  • CoverNIM.Jpg ( Scan color from hardcover in .jpg e.g. format. Cover1241010101.jpg )
  • BeritaAcara.Pdf ( Scan of Minutes that have been completely marked by all examiners )
  • LembarPengesahan.Pdf ( Scanned Endorsement Sheet that has been signed)
    • Cover–Abstrak.Pdf ( Contains: cover, Foreword, Minutes to Abstract, if any)
  • FulltextNIM.Pdf ( Contains: Chapters I - V and Bibliography, e.g. Fulltext1241010101.pdf)
  • Lampiran.Pdf ( Contains all attachments, if any )
  • Jurnal.pdf (Contains journals, if any) Link Template Jurnal

4.      To scan the official report and endorsement sheet, the original Scan format must be in .Pdf format, not in the form of attachment.

5.     All data please do not protect and do not use a password


For the good cooperation, we thank you.

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